Window To The World

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Window to the World Song Titles
1. The Explorer    7. Folk Hero
2. Summerland   8. City Lights
3. A Reflection of Ourselves    9. The Waterfall 
4. It's a Jungle In Here 10. Just Beachy
5. A Night At The Improv 11. Promise To Forever
6. Window To The World  


This masterful debut album by Laurie Z. features upbeat orchestrations, sonic excellence, and has a strong melodic flow that engages you from the first song. Wonderfully rich instrumental music composed and arranged with all the instruments performed on keyboard by Laurie Z. This captivating release is equally suited for active listening or as an enriching complement for any occasion. WINDOW TO THE WORLD was recorded on synths in Laurie's home studio. (1989)



Song Descriptions:


1. The Explorer  

This was the first song written expressly for this project. The explorer is the composer, and the listener is treated to a musical journey of melodic interest and intricacy.


2. Summerland

Originally written as a solo piano piece, this song came to life as MIDI channels were reassigned and experimentations abounded with percussion and melody.


3. A Reflection of Ourselves

Many consider this piece to be the album's highlight. Reflection is an introspective and sensitive piece, and consists of three distinct parts. The middle section, or "middle hymn", has a spiritual feel to it. Although the acoustic guitar throughout the piece sounds authentic, the artist played the "guitar" from the keyboard.


4. It's a Jungle In Here

Picture yourself floating down a river in the Amazon, as you experience all the apects of the jungle around you. This song has a "soundtrack" feel to it - imagine the movie which could accompany this song!


5. A Night At The Improv

This piece resulted from an evening at a benefit performance in which the author participated. As each comedian awaited their turn backstage to perform, the collective anxiety could be felt for miles. The buildup started each time anew, and this song is the result.


6. Window To The World

The weather outside was beautiful, and inside the studio it was cold and quiet. The composer's link to the outside world was through the studio window, and beyond the window, life continued as busy as ever, unaware of the creative process going on inside. Every artist has experienced the feeling that many things demand their attention outside, but once inside the studio, there is only one focus of energy - that of the creation of music.


7. Folk Hero

A simple folk melody that recurs with differing instrumentation. The center section is a sweet interaction of melodies in a slightly more somber moment, but the main melody will stay persistently in the listener's mind.


8. City Lights

And now for something completely different! This song was originally called "Midnight With The Heebie Jeebies", the H.B.'s being the keyboardist's backup band, and the horn guys appearing to create a full-blown jam session after their own gigs were done.


9. The Waterfall

Picture yourself in New Zealand, a beautiful country where waterfalls abound from every crack in the mountains surrounding you. It is December, and the snow is melting, bringing beautiful and relaxing sights and sounds from all sides.


10. Just Beachy

A light song with no deeper meaning than a trip to the beach! Fretless bass and bikinis - quite a combination!.


11. Promise To Forever

A love song, but not a wimpy love song - full of the strength of two divergent souls promising to come together and be willing to put their love for each other first. This track is the final "bonus cut", and it has a very "live" feel.



What The Reviewers Say:  

"I find myself gravitating toward Window To The World… over and over. When I’m working, it’s soothing and uplifting, in the background, having a calming yet inspiring feeling for me. I feel ‘nurtured’ listening to it! Yet it’s fine in the workplace without distracting productivity!" 

~ Sheryl Roush, Author and Motivational Speaker



 "The rhythms are upbeat, the songs original, the recording rich and sensual. An enormous talent."       

~ J. Lou, The Secret Guide To Music



"Energetic, lushly stylized synth music by a virtuoso artist with a lifetime of music to back her imagination. Her classical background is beautifully evident in "A Reflection of Ourselves", featuring piano keyboard interweaving with acoustic guitar rhythms. It's hard to tell that these are synth and not acoustic instruments. The subtle flowing beauty of Laurie's compositions is showcased in "The Waterfall" with delicate phrases, a beautiful closing to a richly satisfying album. She keeps the sound layers in a perfect balance, creating richness without chaos or loss of the integrity of each sound and rhythm… Always rich, moving, upbeat."

~ Acacia, Heartsong Review 



"I can see why this album is among CMC's most popular. Laurie Z. is an artist with popular appeal, creating a tuneful blend of classical, modern jazz and new age. I listened to "Promise to Forever" about eight times in a row when the CD first arrived! All the tracks from this CD are in rotation at WSUP."       

~ Steven Olaf, WSUP Radio 



"This soothing release draws the listener into a sonic environment that flows seamlessly from one theme to another... Laurie Z. is creating expansive, texturally rich new age soundscapes."    

~ Music Access Monthly 



"Laurie Z., on multi-synthesizers, weaves sophisticated compositions pulsating with heart and rhythmic vitality."

~ Carol Wright, NAPRA Journal 



"The title "Window To The World" describes this album perfectly. Composition after composition opens the window a little further. You're taken on a journey, mood by mood, to exciting new places, times, and feelings. You'll find yourself in the Amazon floating down a river, in New Zealand relaxing in the mountains, at your favorite beach taking up the sun, and most importantly, within yourself enjoying your thoughts. Personally, I found the journey most enjoyable. I find myself playing it over and over again, never getting tired, and always wanting more. From a musical point of view, the use of instruments is exceptional. Sounds flow smoothly, mix perfectly, and have an excellent touch of realism."    

~ Ron Wallace, Aftertouch Magazine



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