The Rose Garden

“I remember when I bought my first synth.  I was terrified I was going to blow it up or something.  It was cold and scary at first.  But you can get through that.  Synthesizers are simply tools with which we create music. Each synth has its advantages and the best way that I’ve found to use the technology is to mix the best that each instrument has to offer.  Each song has a picture to paint, a different mood.  Each instrument has its own palette of color, its own statement to make.  Synthesizers have their own unique qualities and inspire different kinds of creation.”   ~Laurie Z.~




"The Rose Garden" is a re-release of the musical score Laurie Z. created for the album "The Heart's Journey", which received 7 Grammy nomination considerations, including Best Instrumental Composition and Best Instrumental Arrangement. The musical score highlights Laurie's orchestral compositional abilities. This re-release has been re-named “The Rose Garden” in dedication and appreciation to the Nobel Middle School in Northridge, California, their horticultural teacher Joe Montanez, and his students who designed, planted and maintain The Laurie Z. Rose Garden in loving tribute to Laurie's memory.


Track & Production Credit Info:

Music composed and performed by Laurie Z. 
Engineered by Roger Fisher
Mastered by Jenny Kaufman
Art Direction and Design by Nancy Steinman and Molly Bosted 
Photography by Lee Brubaker Photography
Recorded at Zebra Productions ®, Camano Island, WA 

The Laurie Z. Rose Garden is available for public viewing by contacting the Nobel Middle School in Northridge, CA.

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