Life Between The Lines


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Song Titles
1. Life Between The Lines   7. Present Imperfect
2. The Mayan Wavelength   8. The Time Dance
3. Running In Circles   9. A Delicate Balance
4. My Perfect Love 10. All The Love In The World
5. Trouble In Paradise 11. From The Diary Of A Redhead
6. A Change Of Heart 12. Miss You Blues

“Life, for most people, consists of living on the lines – that is, doing what they feel they are supposed to do, or what is expected of them, instead of allowing themselves to soar to their own personal heights and challenges. Truly, life often hands us the best opportunities for growth when we least expect it, when something unanticipated interrupts our life ‘to do’ list. I believe that the greatest things life has to offer lie ‘between the lines,’ when we take advantage of serendipitous events and begin to paint our own picture of what truly can be for us, not what ‘should be’ for us.”  ~ Laurie Z.


LIFE BETWEEN THE LINES was recorded using a Mac and Performer software synced up to a borrowed (Alesis) ADAT.  The ADAT was used to track live acoustic guitar, viola, bass, and sax, while the synth work was done virtual on the Macintosh. (1995)

Lyrics: “A Delicate Balance”
Guy Tanner / Laurie Z.
Lyrics & music © 1995, LaurieBean Music, B.M.I.


Standing here above it all
How did I make this my home?
Left and right, I listen for the call
And I understand I’m all alone

And I walk the line with a delicate balance
on edge of fear
And I walk the line with a delicate balance
What keeps me here?

This is our only place in time
Might have known what I would find
Forget all of the tales
I don’t want to know how it feels to fail

And I walk the line with a delicate balance
on edge of fear
And I’m beside myself
And it’s another pain that keeps me here, whoa…

And I walk the line with a delicate balance
on edge of fear
And I walk the line
And it’s another pain that keeps me here
Oh, it keeps me here.

Standing here above it all
How did I make this my home?
I still listen for the call
I realize I’m all alone

And I walk the line with a delicate balance
on edge of fear
And I’m beside myself
And it’s another pain, and I know that it’s real
It’s another pain it keeps me here.


What The Reviewers Say:


"Fresh and inspired, richly evocative, sensually alive, and sweetly passionate."

~ New Age Retailer



 ..."Life Between The Lines, as with her earlier Window To The World" disc, is a super-polished, slick production. Most of the music fits firmly in the mainstream of new age music (with rock, jazz, and classical overtones). And while this is not quite my cup of tea, there are many places on this CD where I just shake my head and say, "But that is really nicely done." If you are an aficionado of this style, you'll feel completely swept up in the production." 

~ Titus Levy, Discoveries, Keyboard Magazine



"Laurie Z. is quite the performer. Life Between the Lines is aural magic. This music is fresh, well performed and a masterpiece of sound. Much of Laurie's music sets my mind to think about other great modern composers such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Jean Michel Jarre. Don't get me wrong, Laurie has her own flavor of composition.... This lady's music makes up sit up and take notice. Now all we need is for Steven Spielberg or Ken Russell to hear your stuff!..."

~ Zahmbee-Karlt Reviews



"As a composer, Laurie combines sounds into tapestries and as a musician, she displays unfailing attention to detail while giving full expression to her emotions. Life Between The Lines is a distinctive, bittersweet melody with much variety played by viola, guitar, bass and drums. The Mayan Wavelength is a synthesizer composition with a delicate pulse and all sorts of whispered melodies and tones. Very delicate and intricate. From The Diary Of A Redhead combines piano and fretless bass in a duet of depth and gentleness. This expression of tender emotion is very intimate. Miss You Blues features blues piano in an upbeat setting of guitar, bass, drums and tenor sax. This is a gentle, nostalgic blues, the kind that brings you up and doesn't let you down. I love this album. It's the kind I tend to put into my CD player and leave for weeks because of the good sounds and warmth."

~ Heartsong Review



"When there's so much mediocre instrumental music around, how do we communicate that an instrumental album is truly spectacular? We can tell you how you'll be immersed in the passionate, sensuous and energetic soundscape of her music, then swept away in an emotional torrent pushing mind, body and soul to its extreme...and hope you'll believe us! Textured, layered, with great depth, intensity and sophistication, we highly recommend this 1995 release!"

~ Ladyslipper



"Absolutely Amazing! I thought Laurie's debut album, Window To The World was exceptional; this new release, Life Between The Lines, moves a giant step forward in the right direction. I'm impressed!"

~ Aftertouch Magazine



"A great blend of classical and soft jazz with New Age leanings, Laurie Z.'s second album matches the elusive magic of her previous title. Sharp, contrasting compositions are highlighted by silky transitions that evoke both mystical qualities as well as contemporary glimpses. Plenty of upbeat tracks keep this from ever blending into the background, while the slower pieces connect emotionally."

~ Backroads Music



"Both your releases are wonderful! Each offering an excellent range of music styles within the new age, jazz and smooth jazz genre. I have always been a listener who wants to not only hear the music, but also feel the passion of music written from the heart... Your style remains unique and easy to enjoy time and time again. Needless to say I will be playing your music on my program "Night Music" and I look forward to new works when they are released."

~ Mark Stephenson, Producer/Host "Night Music"
   KSMU-FM Springfield, Missouri



"The Time Dance is a knockout track that I just wanted to go on and on!!! I have played this track over and over on ‘Mindscapes’ and am delighted to feature your albums on the show. You make great music with a sound that I can only associate with a major label!"

~ Peter B. Roach, DJ/Host, "Mindscapes"
   3CCCFM Victoria, Australia


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