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Career & Recognition
Beautiful, intelligent and passionate, Laurie Z. was clearly in control of her career. Laurie ran her own independent record label, Zebra Productions, although she was the first to gratefully acknowledge the help received from a large group of friends and fans. 


Laurie toured extensively and opened for instrumentalists like Herbie Hancock, Leo Kottke, and Tim Weisburg and performed at major clubs Troubadour and Roxy. Laurie Z. concerts were frequently mentioned as a ‘Top Pick’ in the Los Angeles Times.  Improvisations created in concert by asking for concepts from her audience were often the highlight of a Laurie Z. performance. (Laurie said she seemed to like to create under pressure.)


From 1989 to 1994 Laurie played Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrace in the rock group "Voyager", and was the featured keyboardist at the Anaheim Pond for the Mighty Ducks professional hockey team's inauguaral season.  Laurie could also be heard performing regularly at Nordstrom's, South Bay Galleria, playing solo piano at the Manhattan Country Club in Manhattan Beach, CA, and performing around the South Bay as bandleader for the "Z Three Trio" and "Laurie Z. Band."  


Laurie played national tours for Alesis and Yamaha and represented Roland and Kawai products as a Consultant and Product Specialist in research and development, presenting high tech concerts and clinics regularly at NAMM, CES, COMDEX and Atari conventions. Her seminars, designed to help other Independent artists, were always to standing room only crowds. Beginning in 1991, Laurie Z. became the featured pianist for Peterbilt Motors at the International Trucking Show, performing for Peterbilt for over a decade. She received a total of 15 Grammy nomination considerations. Her television music appearances included Fame, the Disney Cable Network and DirecTV's "InTune."  


January 10, 2014

Received this lovely note from Michael Handley RE: Laurie Z. Scholarship Fund - "Got a lovely card and picture from Cypress Payne, the latest recipient of the Laurie Z. music grant":

"Dear friends and family of Laurie Z.  I want to tell you how much this grant means to me.  Now I will have a quality violin to play for many years.  We would have never even dreamed of getting the violin I have now before we received this grant.  I now have a nicer violin than I ever thought possible.  It makes such a big difference in my playing.  I enjoy playing my music a lot more now. Thank you so much." ~ Love, Cypress Payne


PDF downloads of Sheet Music for "Sunrise" and "Roots - The Solo Piano Songbook" and guitar tab for "Invisibility" are now available at Gumroad.com



Laurie Z.'s "Roots" and "Heart of the Holidays" recordings have been added to the permanent collection of the U.S. Library of Congress!






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